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InterBEST 2009

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InterBEST 2009: Thai Word Segmentation Workshop
Proceedings of 2009 Eighth International Symposium on Natural Language Processing (SNLP2009), October 20-21, 2009 Bangkok Thailand.
Paper Topic

  • A Word and Character-Cluster Hybrid Model for  Thai Word Segmentation
  • Thai Word Segmentation using Character-level Information
  • TLex: Thai Lexeme Analyser Based on the Conditional Random Fields
  • A Statistical-Machine-Translation Approach to Word Boundary Identification: A Projective Analogy of Bilingual Translation
  • Thai Word Segmentation based-on GLR Parsing Technique and Word N-gram Model


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Corpus formatting
Text files included in each data set are named according to their genres e.g. novel-000xx.txt, encyclopedia-000xx.txt, news-000xx.txt. All text files use UTF-8 encoding. Each text file is segmented into paragraphs as its original source by using a new-line character. There is neither a paragraph marker nor a sentence marker.

Word and Tag
In the training set, the text is word segmented by inserting a “|” symbol at the end of each word. Three special tags are also inserted to mark special word types:
... for a named entity e.g. person, organization, and place name
... for an abbreviation
... for a poem stream
Segmenting text within these three tags is beyond our current scope. This means that a string within each of these tags will always be counted as one word.